Mar 2022

For every month of 2022, we are going to feature one of our most unique and extraordinary natural stone, porcelain or engineered-quartz slabs. But with hundreds of remarkable slabs in our offering, it’s hard to decide which slab to feature, so we’re taking our cues from the notion of Birthstones.



For March, like the Aquamarine Birthstone, our Shadow Blue marble slab embodies calming and balancing energy while giving you the feeling of being close to the ocean.

A stone worth a thousand words

Easily identified by its alluring vein patterns and variety of colours, marble is recognised around the world for its unique appeal. The historical use of this material in mansions and castles makes it an investment worth making.

With light white veins running through the marble slab, Shadow Blue mimics the motion of the ocean. Our Shadow Blue has a natural coolness that delivers a refined element to any space. Its inherently unique appearance, blue hues of feature, and simplicity of care make it an exquisite choice for your home.

How to work with the colour blue?

Consider the broad appeal of the blue colour chart. You might not think it is for you, but the design possibilities for a blue bathroom are endless. Think deep blue hues reminiscent of a beach resort, or sapphire tones that are rich and sophisticated.


Create a relaxing retreat

With their relaxing attributes and aquatic connotations, blue bathroom ideas are perfect for adding a soothing style to your washroom.

A vibrant blue-toned marble slab, like our Shadow Blue, brings freshness to the bathroom. Delicate yet eye-catching, this wall cladding is perfect for bathrooms. It creates a luxurious mother of pearl look when combined with white cabinets.

With our wide range of unique marble slabs, you can easily brighten up your bathroom without being overwhelmed. If you are feeling adventurous, the bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with colour. Inspired to incorporate blue in the bathroom? Browse our blue marble slabs here.

Feeling overwhelmed about your upcoming renovation project? We’re here to help. Since 1992 we have been helping our clients all over the Western Cape with their renovations. Our experienced team will gladly walk with you on your renovation journey – from selecting the perfect material to templating to your exact specifications, fabricating the stone in our factory in Epping, and then carefully installing the stone in your home. And keep in mind that with us, material and workmanship goes hand in hand – we quote on your full job (material and installation), so you’ll only pay for the material used. 

Have a blank canvas but don’t know where to start? We’ve written some handy tips on how to effortlessly incorporate colour into your home with our January and February blog posts.

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