Feb 2022

February’s Birthstone is the amethyst, and while we may not have a purple coloured slab to link to the amethyst, we’re all about guiding you on how to get your foundations – in this case, your hard finishes like a kitchen countertop – right first, and then go wild with soft finishes to achieve the overall look your heart desires.

It’s all about the stone

Amethyst Birthstone is said to strengthen relationships and what better inspiration for your kitchen – the heart of the home, where family and friends gather.

Our Statuario Phoenix Stone is designed to perfectly mimic the look of marble with its distinct grey veining and striking pattern. While bold in it’s pattern, it’s classic marble look is the perfect foundation for anyone wanting to add purple playfulness to their kitchen.

Phoenix Stone engineered-quartz surfaces are made from at least 90% quartz – it’s resistant to scratching, staining and household acids, which means it’s the perfect choice for a hardworking kitchen.

Purple kitchen decor that adds personality

Purple is a versatile colour as it comes in many shades to suit all styles. There are lots of colours to choose from, namely barely lilac, amethyst, eggplant, mulberry, and more. There are many ways to use purple in the kitchen, from using it as an accent colour in accessories like utensils, vases and tea towels. Alternatively, if it’s a colour that you adore, then go all out with painted cabinets or walls.


As much as light shades work, so do dark hues like dark berries, raisins, and plums. The combination of these colours with a classic white marble-look creates a modern and sophisticated feel. The design possibilities for a purple kitchen are actually far from limiting.

Create a focal point

Dusky purple in the kitchen makes for a restful, stress-free cooking environment. Purples are gently dynamic so they don’t overpower a room and work beautifully with natural elements. Having the Statuario Phoenix Stone as the kitchen surface creates a balance and stops the colour from overpowering the kitchen.

Browse our range of white Phoenix Stone engineered-quartz for kitchen countertops which pairs well with any colour.


Creating your dream home doesn’t have to be stressful if you choose to work with the right team. Custom fabrication and installation using only the best natural stone, engineered-quartz and porcelain slabs has been our speciality for 30 years! Our highly experienced team will happily guide you through every step of your project – from selecting the perfect material, to templating to your exact specifications, fabricating the stone in our factory in Epping, Cape Town, and then meticulously installing the stone in your home. At WOMAG, our material and workmanship goes hand in hand – we quote on your full job (material + installation), so you’ll only pay for the material used.

If red is more your colour, be sure to read our January blog where we highlight our spectacular Rouge Renaissance marble and be inspired. 

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