Sep 2022

This month we selected our (wo)magnificent Blue Agata granite slab as our featured stone. Just like the sapphire birthstone of September, our  Blue Agata symbolises abundance and calmness.  

Oceanic Waves 

Historically, granite has been regarded as the go-to material for kitchen tops. This is due to attractive characteristics such as low porosity, not being affected by acidic contents, and being very difficult to scratch.

Granite is one of the most durable natural stones, making it a valuable addition to any well-used kitchen. Since the material is heat-resistant, it won’t burn if you place a hot pan on the surface for a brief period of time.

Our Blue Agata is reminiscent of the ocean, with deep blue hues and lighter blue accents it creates a dramatic appearance in any kitchen space. Create an oceanic kitchen that keeps you relaxed while you cook up a storm. 

WOMAG | Blue Agata
WOMAG | Blue Agata

Kitchen with a view 

From inside to outside, ocean inspiration is everywhere in this stunning kitchen. The Blue Agata kitchen island and backsplash create an enviable statement as it ties the white crisp kitchen cabinets together. We can’t stop swooning over this beachy blue kitchen.


Renovating your kitchen but not into deep blues? Discover our range of granite colours which is perfect for your kitchen tops. 

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