Oct 2022

This month we have selected our (wo)magnificent marble, Blue Cintilante, which  is symbolic of balance and peace, much like the October birthstone, Opal. Our Blue Cintilante  is not only beautiful, but having translucent qualities, by backlighting the stone you can create a truly magical space.

The power of light

Translucent stones allow light to pass through them, illuminating their natural beauty. Be sure to carefully plan the backlit layout with a technician – with such an investment, you want to ensure that the light is evenly distributed across the stone to perfectly showcase its beauty at night. 


Sky Blue hues

Our Blue Cintilante is a powder blue base colour infused with patches of white and an opal-like shimmer, which mimics the perfect blue sky and candy floss clouds on a summer’s day. Any space will feel relaxed yet elegant with this piece. There is no need to worry about the maintenance of marble as it is simply easy to clean.

WOMAG | Blue Cintilante
WOMAG | Blue Cintilante

A touch of opulence

Create the ultimate dining room which can transform from minimalist during the day to elegant at night with just the flick of a switch. There is no doubt that you can mix simple and elegant in this dining room. The striking marble arch and minimalist chairs make the space much brighter during the day, which is perfect for breakfast and lunch. However, at night, the backlit marble arch transforms the dining room into a dinner party show stopper. Create this luxurious atmosphere in any space of your home. 

Looking for another shade of blue to renovate your home? Browse our blue-hued marbles with different patterns to suit your style. 

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