Nov 2022

In this insert of our blog series, we’ve matched our spectacular Desert Mystery granite slab with the November birthstone, Citrine, which symbolises warmth and the vitality of life, and give you tips on how to incorporate this dramatic piece of nature’s art into your dream outdoor kitchen and entertaining area.

Elevate the space

A true outdoor kitchen goes way beyond just a bit of countertop space next to the braai. You want it to be equally functional and beautiful. There’s no point in creating an outdoor kitchen and entertaining space if you’re going to be running into your house every few minutes, deserting your guests in order to make the salad.

Your outdoor kitchen should tick all the boxes for functionality:

  1. Plenty of countertop space – not only for food prep and presentation, but also a place where your guests can gather with their cold beverages while you put the finishing touches on the salads. Have a few barstools available to ensure your guests are always comfortable.
  2. Braaing / Cooking / Barbecuing / Grilling – whatever your preference, the essence of an outdoor kitchen is to incorporate the cooking facilities into the countertops.
  3. Storage – there’s not a soul on the planet that could say no to extra storage. So, plan wisely and ensure that with all that extra countertop space comes with a whole lot of extra cupboards.
  4. Sinks, taps and cleaning facilities – Just like you wouldn’t want to abandon your guests at the start of your party, you also don’t want to abandon them at the end when you are clearing the table. When designing your outdoor kitchen, allocate a cleaning or clearing up space with sinks and countertop space to stack all those dirty plates. 

As for beauty, we can certainly help you with that. Our first love has always been natural stone, so a dramatic granite slab will create that envious statement piece that will have the neighbours talking. Opt for a stone that will not only complement the space but elevate it to bold new levels.

More than just a pretty stone

Before making your final decision on what stone to use for your countertops, think about the space. While you will probably have your outdoor kitchen area undercover, you will want it to be open and airy with lots of natural light. 

Remember that darker colours absorb light more and therefore emits heat. So a dark coloured stone countertop in the direct summer sun will get incredibly hot and could pose a safety risk.

In contrast, a white or very light-coloured stone will reflect too much light which will create a glare and make the space uncomfortably bright for you and your guests.


Hard as rock

There’s no better choice for your outdoor kitchen countertops than granite. Not only are you including another natural element into your space, but granite is one of the hardest materials found in nature making it almost indestructible, incredibly durable and hardwearing. So, you don’t have to be fragile around it – it will withstand the natural elements and it’s highly resistant to scratches and stains.

WOMAG | Desert Mystery

Nature’s art

WOMAG’s Desert Mystery granite slab showcases spectacular layers of green hues, swirls of blue and white, and fusions of brown coming together to create a truly unique piece of natural art. 

Used for the waterfall island and countertops, our Desert Mystery granite plays an integral part in creating this jungle-inspired outdoor kitchen and entertaining area.

One can’t help but be totally captivated and in awe of how the sensational granite waterfall island and countertops pulls everything together and perfectly complements the lush foliage surrounding the space.


If you’re feeling inspired to create your own outdoor kitchen and entertaining area and want it to be truly unique, browse our wide range of granite slabs on our website or, better yet, visit one of our showrooms. Whether your style is bold or subdued, we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect stone at WOMAG. 

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