Apr 2020

So to help you avoid choosing the wrong finish for your flooring we’ve compiled a list of the three most popular flooring finishes and where to use them. Including a groundbreaking new development that will make choosing tiles for your floor easier than ever before.


polished finish looks good in any interior, especially small spaces as it bounces light around the room – making the space appear bigger than it actually is. You can identify this finish simply by looking at it as it has a glossy appearance with a smooth silky surface to the touch.

This finish is best for interior applications that are not prone to getting wet. It’s easy to clean and maintain.


matt finish is a popular choice in new developments these days. It’s great for spaces that have a lot of natural light shining through large windows, avoiding a glare bouncing off your walls or floors. You can identify this finish by its non-reflective sheen and a semi-textured surface. It’s also easy to clean and maintain.

Best used for interior applications and covered patio areas. There is a common misperception that matt tiles are slip-resistant due to its semi-textured finish and that it can be used in functionally wet areas such as the shower floors or swimming pool surrounds, but they aren’t! Unless the tiles are mosaics or have been cut to a smaller size that will allow the grout to add grip underfoot.


non-slip finish is great for outdoor areas, it provides grip underfoot and peace of mind for when the kids or dogs are playing outside, hence the name, non-slip. You can identify this finish by it’s rough textured surface.

A common misconception among homeowners is that non-slip tiles should be used in the kitchen, which is not a wise choice as it’s not easy to clean and will make your day-to-day cleaning a difficult task to complete. Use it in outdoor applications, where you can easily hose it off if needed.


In/Out Technology is a newly developed glaze that makes choosing tiles for your flooring easier than ever before. It provides you with a tile that can be used anywhere in the home, including functionally wet areas; such as walk-in-showers and swimming pool surrounds. These are matt tiles that has a non-reflective surface.

However, this technology goes far beyond any finish that you’ve ever experienced. The newly developed glaze forms part of the actual surface of the tile, it’s not simply a coating add-on that can wear off over time. The In/Out Technology Tiles are made to be matt when dry, but their unique manufacturing process turns the tiles non-slip when wet. Providing you with a safe and easy-to-clean surface with a seamless look, effortless in style.

There you go, now you have a clearer idea of which finish you should use and where. Having multiple finish options is important in order to choose the right tile for the specific needs of the space, but having one tile that can be used everywhere is a game changer.