Jul 2022

This month we have selected our (wo)magnificent Venice Red marble slab as our featured stone. Just like the Ruby birthstone of July, our Venice Red embodies love, warmth, and passion.

WOMAG | Venice Red

Layers of flames

As marble is heat resistant, it’s the perfect material for creating a breathtakingly beautiful fireplace for your home. 

With warm swirls of deep red, grey, cream, and thick white veins entwined, our Venice Red is a masterpiece made by nature. Showcase our Venice Red marble bookmatch in your home to create a truly heart stopping and enviable feature.

Bold Illusions

Bookmatch – also known as The Butterfly Effect – is achieved when two (or more) slabs of the same stone are “opened up” to showcase a mirror of each other.

We can’t take our eyes off the mystical illusion of this cladded fireplace. With its intricate patterns, our bookmatch Venice Red is a dramatic focal piece of this living room.

Red can be a very bold colour to work with but can be paired with a neutral colour. Browse our red slabs to create a show-stopping masterpiece in your home. 

Remodelling your home and not sure where to begin? Choosing the right slab is the perfect way to start. For every month of this year, we release a blog post to inspire you to create your dream home. Keep in touch by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Working with a professional team makes it easier to create the home of your dreams. Since 1992, our specialty has been custom fabrication and installation of the finest natural stone, engineered-quartz, and porcelain slabs! From selecting the perfect material for your project, to designing it according to your exact specifications, to manufacturing at our factory in Epping, Cape Town, and carefully installing it in your home, our highly experienced team can help you every step of the way. Our material and workmanship go hand-in-hand – we quote on your full job (material + installation), so you’ll only pay for the material installed.