Nov 2020

Not only does a walk in shower give your bathroom a boost in style and design layout, but it is also versatile and offers many benefits. For instance:

Walk-in showers are both safe and more user friendly than a bathtub or a regular shower. This is a great benefit in the case of children, elderly people or those with medical conditions, as you can simply just walk in rather then having to climb over obstacles as you would with a bathtub. And, they are wheelchair friendly, which means no more struggle just to get into the tub or shower, a walk-in shower allows easy and safe accessibility.

They are great for small spaces as their clean and simple design allows the room to be more airy and bright, which in turn makes the space feel more open and larger than it is.

The simplicity and minimalist design of walk-in showers allows for easy cleaning, because they have fewer spaces where grime, mold and dirt can accumulate.

Walk in showers also offer versatility in terms of design. They can be customized in many different ways, which means you can create a walk-in shower that suits your style and personality.

Now that you know what the benefits of walk-in showers are, here are 5 design ideas to inspire you for your project.


To achieve a seamless transition between the shower area and the rest of your bathroom, use transparent glass panels to encase the shower. In this example the shower is encased with glass panels from floor to ceiling, with white Terrazzo look porcelain tiles on the walls – to keep the light and airy feel of the bathroom – and slatted wood on the shower floor – to contrast all the white and beige tones in the bathroom.


A window in the bathroom, regardless of its size, can make a huge difference. It looks especially beautiful in a shower and will give you a unique sensational feeling when you shower. Of course, a skylight would be even better. Just picture this: moonlight shining through the skylight and a beautiful picture of the night sky. Amazing, right?

Below are two examples of beautiful light and airy showers that you can try.


Walk in showers are great alternatives to bathtubs in small bathrooms. To help your bathroom feel less cramped, opt for a minimalist shower design with simple lines and materials, such as glass to ensure a seamless transition, like the images below.


To create a spa-like feel in your bathroom you have to use the right materials and textures. If you have the space, then you can take these design ideas one step further and create a luxurious shower.

In this example we have a beautiful and spacious spa-like shower with a bathtub at the back and white and grey mosaic tiles on the floor with marble-look tiles on the wall. A wall recess at the back and on either sides of the shower ensures that there is storage space for the usual products used in the shower and a large window lets in lots of natural light.


Perhaps you are leaning more towards an open nature-inspired shower. In that case you should consider using materials such as stone or wood-look tiles to create that natural look and feel. You can also combine materials to create a unique design. For instance, you could have mosaic tiles on the floor and Rockface cladding on the wall as a decorative feature as shown in the image below.

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