Jul 2020

Our home is where we kick back and relax or entertain our friends and family. Your home needs to reflect who you are, but we bet there’s a small part of you that wants to show that you’re in touch with the latest trends.

While there are many people who prefer to create a tranquil home, filled with soothing colours and textures that invite you to take a deep breath and relax – there are just as many who prefer a touch of the dramatic.  Their environment needs to emanate a vibrant, warm energy with bold colours and textures that shout out at you.

We’ve put together the four biggest trend categories for bathrooms and kitchens in 2019. We hope this inspires and informs you to create the perfect environment for you to enjoy.


International trend forecasters have predicted colour palettes on completely opposite ends of the spectrum for 2019: from restful milky ice-cream colours with a new retro flavour and a seventies twist, teamed with gold and brass accents. For those looking to create elegant, graceful interiors, consider using shades of teal, grey flannel, burgundy and inky blacks. Others looking to create vibrancy, think energising colours such as spicy reds, blood orange, rich cappuccino, sumptuous chocolate and tart greens that evoke memories of the foods we crave and love.

Natural Materials

The “it” look for this year is incorporating natural stone into both kitchens and bathrooms. The biggest colour trend for natural stone is your whites and greys – or a combo of these. Marble never goes out of style, and marble slabs or terrazzo on both walls and floors will create a plush, seamless look.


On-trend bathrooms will be sporting monochromatic tiles and textures, such as all green or all marble, or even bold black throughout. High drama reigns supreme in guest toilets with exaggerated patterns and layering coming through strongly.

Unusual Shapes

Kitchens are touted to be revived with tiles in unusual shapes. Hexagonal tiles are on-trend, and among the latest in our range, with no shortage of colour and are often an artful combination of complementary or high contrast hues.

When updating bathrooms and kitchens, one word of caution is to be careful with multiple tile colours. If in doubt, consider using neutral background tile colour and add a few splashes of colour here and there as accents. If in doubt, call in a specialist in the décor industry or visit one of our showrooms.