Nov 2020

Although the hexagon trend is not a new kid on the block, it is ever growing and only gets better with time. It was hugely popular in the 1920’s and 1940’s, but those were simpler days and the most popular colour tones then were black and white. Hexagon tiles of 2018 go far beyond monochrome. Now we’re talking real colours – blue, yellow, red – patterns and décor textures… it’s all the hype in interior design today. And we’ve got them all!


Our newest collection of Hexagon porcelain tiles gives you the freedom to embrace a variety of colours and textures to create charismatic patterns and contrasting features in your home.

#Style tip: Achieve this stunning look in your bathroom by mixing our gorgeous Cruz Grey cement-look tiles on the floor and add a pop of colour to the walls with our new Hexagon porcelain tiles.

#Style tip: Not fond of too much colour? Go for a solid colour of hexagon tiles throughout the floor surface instead of the normal square or rectangular tiles. This will add interest to your space while keeping a sophisticated look and feel.


Regular black and white hexagon tiles will always be on trend, but if you prefer to think out-of-the-box, then our oldies (but goodies) will definitely add a little edge to your thinking. Take a look at our Dockland Hexagon tile collection with interesting geometric floral shapes that will give your space a boost almost instantaneously.

#Style tip: Create an interesting monochrome feature wall with a variety of decorative floral patterned hexagon tiles.

#Style tip: Create a honeycomb look by adding black Hexagon tiles on the walls inside your shower. This is a great way to break up all the white in a bathroom and add a focal point.


White marble-look tiles in any shape and form will always remain a classic. They create one of those looks that blend stunningly with any interior and add a certain charm to a room. Now that timeless look is available in a hexagon shape. Add a touch of character to your home with the marble-look hexagon tiles.

#Style tip: Update old wooden flooring by mixing it up with the Canal Grande Esegona tiles in a unique and interesting layout.

#Style tip: Add a sense of finesse to your kitchen by using classic marble look hexagon tiles as splashback in your kitchen.

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