May 2020

With WOMAG’s new and exclusive collection of décor tiles you can find the perfect tile to complement your style. This new collection consists of three décor styles which we will be talking about in a series of blog posts. To kick off this series, let’s have a look at the patterned collection.


If your aim is to add a pop of colour to your home then the Lumier Blue is perfect. This tile has a very trendy Morrocan style pattern in soft shades of blue with a Matt finish that is perfect for wall and floor applications. It has five different faces, each with four varied designs. Have a look at this stunning kitchen where the Lumier Blue tiles are visually enhanced by the natural materials used in the space.


If you prefer the monochrome look but want to add a striking visual interest to your space, then our limited edition Torino Blanco is the one for you. This tile comes in a Matt finish with a black and white design that forms a stunning quatrefoil pattern when placed together. For inspiration on layout, look at the bathroom below. Here the tiles have been installed on the shower wall flowing into a stip accross the bathroom to create an interesting wall feature.


Looking for a patterned tile that won’t overwhelm the décor in your space? Try our Bolonia Gris décor tile with an appealing pattern, but in faint tones. The Matt finish of this tile makes it ideal for floor and wall installations. Add a wow factor to your living room by creating a rug layout with these stylish tiles as seen in this example below. This layout is very effective in defining areas in an open plan space.


If you’re wanting to dabble with décor, but bold colours and patterns scare you, then our limited edition Coimbra décor tile with is pale blue tones and antique look may be your perfect fit. This square white and pale blue décor tile is available in 13 different patterned faces that allows you to get creative with the layout. The Matt finish gives you the freedom to create a feature on your floor or wall. To make the tiles stand out, do something similar to this bathroom below. Note how the wood-look porcelain perfectly  complements the pale blue.


Similar to our Torino Blanco, the Livorno décor tile is also perfect if your goal is to achieve a monochrome look while adding pattern to the space. This tile comes in a Matt finish with a hypnotizing  black and white design that is sure to add interest to your walls or floor. Add a playful yet sophisticated pattern to your floor shown in the example below.

That is it – five of the new décor tiles exclusive to WOMAG. In our next blog post of this series we will be talking about our latest hexagon tiles, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram page to stay up to date with all our latest blogs and inspiring posts, or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Looking for more inspiration? Have a look at our idea book.