Wood Look Tiles

If wood flooring is available, why go with wood-look porcelain tiles?

Here are a few reasons why using WOMAG’s new range of Wood-look tiles are the way to go;

  • Save the Trees – Nearly 20 million trees are cut down each year.
    Now with WOMAG’s Wood-look tiles, you get the warmth and welcoming look of wood without destroying a single tree.
  • Porcelain wood-look tiles can handle rough wear and tear and are great for high traffic areas.
    If damage does occur for any reason it is easily replaceable, the days of ripping apart a whole section of the floor is gone now you can replace a single tile.
  • You don’t only save on the initial cost, you will save on maintenance!
    No worrying about specific cleaning methods or having to worry when friends come over that they will spill some red wine on the floor. Wood-look tiles are easy to maintain and easy to clean.
  • The wood grain effect is so realistic that it’s hard to grasp that the flooring didn’t come from a tree!
    Little details like grain, knots, and differences in shade are easily replicated on tile. That means that you can get the look of a costly, exotic wood at a much more reasonable tile price.
  • Wood-look tiles are great to use for wet areas, such as bathrooms or outdoor areas, as they will not get damaged.
    Wood-look tiles will not fade in direct sunlight or warp when exposed to too much moister.

Gone are the days that you have to set aside that brilliant design scheme that you wanted so badly indoors or even outdoors because of all the disadvantages of wood.

Here are some of our Wood-look tile collections

Natural wood-look


BERNES HAYA | 234x1200x10mm


CLEVELAND TAUPE | 234x1200x10mm


FRONDA PERLA | 200x600x9mm


FRONDA MARENGO | 200x600x9mm

Distressed wood-look

Mamawood Antique White, Wood-look Porcelain tile, WOMAG

ANTIQUE WHITE | 1220X200X10mm

Mamawood Old Grey, Wood-look Porcelain tile, WOMAG

OLD GREY | 1220X200X10mm

Mamawood Old Teak, Wood-look Porcelain tile, WOMAG

OLD TEAK | 1220X200X10mm

French Oak, Wood-look Porcelain tile, WOMAG

FRENCH OAK | 200X900X12mm