Apr 2022

This month we’ve selected our (wo)magnificent Onici Bianco as our featured stone. Like the April Birthstone, diamond, our Onici Bianco marble, with its translucent characteristics, is beyond breathtaking.

Light it up

Some natural stones have translucent characteristics which will take your planned feature to another level. A backlight panel will illuminate the stone’s translucent area and create a captivating dramatic effect. Be attentive when planning the backlight layout with your technician, you want to make sure that the lights illuminate the stone evenly to really showcase its immaculate beauty.

Remember: No two natural stones are the same. If your aim is to create a backlit feature, be sure to speak to one of our friendly sales experts to clarify the translucent characteristics in the stone.

Beyond luxe

When light and a diamond connect, it’s a truly enchanting affair. Much like our Onici Bianco, diamonds symbolise love and inspire the imagination. So shed a little light on (or behind) this magnificent marble and reveal its grace.

Warm and dramatic, our Onici Bianco is nature’s art. With clusters of clear crystals scattered throughout the slab, and once backlit, it is undeniably luxe

Creative flow

Let your imagination flow with the endless creative possibilities of translucent natural stone features. From a backlit cladded feature wall in an entertaining (or intimate) space, to an illuminated staircase. Let us help you explore your interior decorating dreams.

Just imagine…

Take a moment to imagine yourself starting your day wrapped in the royal blue and deep creams of this bed, with a brilliant marble illuminated behind you, oozing positive energy into your soul… now that’s the right way to start the day!


With our extensive range of divine and unique marble slabs, coupled with 3 decades of experience, we’re ready to walk with you on your journey to creating the perfect home tailored to your unique style. And, if creating an illuminated haven such as this bedroom is your dream, one of our highly experienced sales consultants will happily show you which of our (wo)magnificent marbles have translucent characteristics to fulfil your dreams.

Working with a professional team makes it easier to create the home of your dreams. Since 1992, our specialty has been custom fabrication and installation of the finest natural stone, engineered-quartz, and porcelain slabs! From selecting the perfect material for your project, to designing it according to your exact specifications, to manufacturing it at our factory in Epping, Cape Town, to carefully installing it in your home, our highly experienced team can help you every step of the way. Our material and workmanship go hand-in-hand – we quote on your full job (material + installation), so you’ll only pay for the material installed.

Want to use natural stone in your home but aren’t sure where to begin? It all starts with colour. A red bathroom inspires creativity as well as revitalises your body. Blue in the bathroom conveys a feeling of tranquillity and balance or maybe you’re all about just adding a pop of colour to your space. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and we’ll keep you updated on our latest blogs.