Jul 2020

So what exactly is Maximalism? Maximalism is basically the opposite of minimalism. It is a ‘no-rules’ style of decorating, enabling you to put as much personality into your home as you want. The goal is to create a space that makes you happy – using your personality and style as inspiration. It is a true “you can’t mess this up” style.

How can you incorporate this trend into your home?

With plenty of colour, playful shapes, patterns and textures. Fabric for window dressings, scatter cushions, throws and rugs will elevate your maximalism theme, while walls and floors will the base for your overall design. And, if you want a truly unique look, why not consider adding a feature wall?

Here are a few ideas on how you can embrace the maximalism trend in your home through tiles and natural stone slabs for that special feature element.


Show off your personality through a feature wall, by creating a unique design with playful shapes or unique materials with lots of pattern and movement. We’ve handpicked a few of our favourite tiles that will look great as wall art, click here to view the full collection.


Natural stone adds an authentic element to a space that you will not find with any other man-made materials. You will never get two identical natural stone pieces, which is why a natural stone feature is so unique. You can incorporate it into your design through a feature wall, bar or countertop or even a staircase. It truly is a natural work of art.


The maximalism trend is all about being bright and bold! So don’t be afraid. Embrace those colours you love, and remember darker base colours will always make your colours pop more.


Add a new dimension to walls with smooth or 3D finishes. 3D textured tiles add character and creates interest.