Phoenix Stone

Phoenix Stone’s superior quartz surfaces are made from 93% quartz combined with high grade resins and pigments to create sleek and smooth interior surfaces which are non porous, shock, scratch, heat and stain resistant. These qualities, combined with the fact that Phoenix Stone currently offers better value than any other quartz surface on the market, make Phoenix Stone the ideal choice not only for sophisticated bathroom vanities, but for hard working kitchens countertops too.

Phoenix Stone engineered surfaces provide a multitude of advantages for the ordinary household, not only is it far more practical to take care of than natural stone; the surface does not require a sealant, there are no cavities for bits of food or cosmetics to get stuck in, it also does not require special cleaning solutions. Phoenix Stone offers a staggering array of colours, quartz grains sizes, and edging choices, ensuring countless aesthetic options at an astonishing price.

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